About us

ISFM (Intelligent Systems For Mobility) is a french start-up, new mobility maker who designs, manufactures and markets on-demand mobility services.

Created in 2017, ISFM is a leading service provider and operator of autonomous on-demand services. We propose personalized solutions to our clients to help them keep up with the changing market needs.

ISFM technologies have already made impacts on the automotive industry. Among others, our main projects involve vehicle robotizations, automatizations and their experimentations on open roads.

Our ambition is to become worldwide leader of on-demand new mobility systems.

ISFM is a member of Mov’eo, Groupement ADAS, France Auto Tech, Le Mans Tech and Ubimobility


We combine the agility and cutting-edge of a start up with an experienced and skilled senior management team.

Our certified experts are working closely with our clients to ensure that our solution meets their needs. We are constantly developing our products and services to propose our customers reliable and cutting-edge technologies. Our solutions are reachable rapidly at a reasonable cost. Why do you want to wait more, contact us. 


JUL. 2017 : Creation of ISFM by F.MATHIS

JAN. 2018 : Exhibiting at CES: presentation of our shuttle technology bricks

MAR. 2018 : Signature of partnerships

APR. 2018 :Winner of the UbiMobility program

JUN. 2018 : ISFM win the innov’Up competition

JUL. 2018 : Creation of MILLA Grpup by F.Mathis and E.Gendarme

JAN. 2019 : ISFM reveals MILLA shuttles at CES

APR. 2019 : ISFM obtains the ministerial authorization for its MILLA shuttle to       roll on open roads

JUN 2019 : ISFM/MILLA integrates Beta and Beebee automotive thus  guaranteeing the sourcing of its electrical platform (low cadence   manufacturing)

SEP 2019 : Inauguration of the on-demand service with MILLA shuttle in   Vélizy- villacoublay

NOV 2019 : beginning of test drives in Aix-en-Provence for an opening of the   services in JAN 2020

FEB 2020 : MILLA signs UX for Smart Life: Home & Mobility Chair with IMREDD, the Metropole of Nice Côte d’Azur and other partners

Our team

Frédéric Mathis


Frédéric, founder and CEO of ISFM & MILLA, has worked for more than 20 years in the automotive industry. Innovation manager, he is the director of the Renault Group’s first autonomous vehicle.

His interest in new mobility systems led him to VEDECOM (energy transition institute), where he becomes the head of vehicle program management and then the president of VEDECOM Tech, affiliate of VEDECOM.

Involved in many international projects on sustainable mobility, he developed a network of expertise and multiple experimentations.

With these experiences, Frédéric creates ISFM, a French start-up to offer sustainable mobility solutions that can be deployed quickly in the territories. By relying on its automotive know-how; process, management, quality plan, Frédéric Mathis offers via ISFM pragmatic and effective solutions for autonomous on demand mobility.

Eric Gendarme


Eric, co-founder and MD of MILLA, is an experienced and active executive for more than 7 years in the autonomous vehicle sector. Eric has 25 years of experience in the automotive world, more specifically in marketing and advertising field and has managed a portfolio of prestigious clients, including Renault, KIA Motors, Kawasaki, …

Eric was founder and CEO of OBH. OBH’s mission is to support its customers in the study of technical solutions that enable the deployment of innovative mobility services. He built the OBH DIGITAL concept, developing methods to position OBH as an innovative service operator for autonomous vehicles. It has developed a platform and specific applications to offer secure and optimized solutions to users, including fleet management of autonomous vehicles.

He has applied these methods to advise, guide and accelerate the development of complex products for his clients throughout their innovative projects of New Mobilities.

Our team of 45+ professionals is composed of developers, algorithm experts, software engineers, designers, UX experts, mechanical and electrical engineers, including several PhDs.

ISFM is built up with creative and ambitious engineers who are dedicated to the mobility revolution. All of them contribute their talents to build the bridge between today’s and future’s mobility.